I want this site to document everything I do in regards to tinkering/hacking electorics etc.. I will try to have new posts each week either about a project I’m doing or a piece of software I’m using.

I hope you enjoy your stay and keep checking back for updated posts.

Current Open Source Projects I’m Using



Trying to script out everything I can. I use playbooks for just about everything.



Awesome API gateway. Using it for any incoming hooks I need and I only need one cert for all my APIs.


Home Assistant

This is the hub for everything home automation.
Just scratching the tip but already have alexa turning on half my house.


Just spun this up recently but I really like how it gives me a single pane of glass for my logs. Can’t wait to explore more.



I use this for all my code. I can have all the private repos I want plus with Letsencrypt I can SSL for free.



This is the swiss army knife. I use the workflows in this for everything from MQTT topics to UDP packet redirection.



I use this to keep tabs on all the servers. I get text alerts if anything goes critical.



Goes hand it hand with Ansible. I have builds for anything that I code that affects a server.



My time series database of choice. I’m using it for my IoT device data and it runs on ARM devices too!



Using the reverse proxy SSL for everything and all on a single port. Only one server/port exposed outside? Yes please!



Awesome Docker container manager. Internal networking built in and great for testing changes.


My MQTT server of choice. lightweight and based on go. Awesome admin interface and does what it does very well.


My name is Matt Armstrong and I have been in the technology field for almost 20 years.
I’ve been interested in electronics since my dad took me to RadioShack the first time when I was in grade school. I still have the soldering iron!

More About Me

Current (in progress) Projects

Home Automation

If you have any interest in home automation then you need to check out Home Assistant. In my opinion it is the coolest Home Automation hub that I have seen. Tons of customizations can be done and now with floorplan it gets even cooler. Keep an eye out for a page dedicated to this here soon.

Security System

I really don’t like the idea of buying a security system through a company that I am now in contract with for years. On top of that I would then have equipment that only works with one company. That is not the maker way! Enter my own security system, complete with door lock sensors and PIR sensors. And soon to come deadbolt lock/unlock via home assistant.

Brew Temperature and Water Dispenser

I enjoy doing homebrew when I have time, which isn’t as often as I would like, but there is a great group of guys in the Toledo area called the Frogtown Hoppers that I joined a year or so ago. Since then I have done a few all-grain recipes which call for specific amounts of water and specific temperatures. Sounds like a job for a Raspberry Pi Zero W!

Multiroom Audio

I already have a multiroom audio setup using a logitech squeezebox and Raspberry Pis, but I need to fine tune it. I need to be able to direct other audio to various rooms as well. More info about this to come.