Matt Armstrong

About Me:

Howdy! I'm Matt, a born and raised Toledo resident. I have two beautiful children and I'm married to the love of my life. I've been a geek all my life, starting with working on 486 workstations when I was in high school for a local computer repair company. Throughout the years I have worked my way up to hold the titles of "Senior Systems Engineer", "Linux Administrator", and "DevOPs Engineer". I started tinkering with electronics when RadioShack not only existed, but sold actual electronic components. I still have my first soldering iron I got from there.

Programming Languages:
Python, go, Bash, Arduino, some C.

Projects I'm currently running at home:
Home Assistant, InfluxDB, Tyk, Logitech Media Server, Ansible, Gitlab, Node-Red, EMQTT, NextCloud, NGINX (Reverse Proxy), PiHole, Rancher, Sensu, Taiga, NtopNG, OpenVPN, and pfSense.

Golf, snowboarding (been awhile admittantdly), home-brew beer, and of course custom IoT devices.