Security Cam (Part 1)

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Digmoo DG-M1Q Camera PIR Sensor Temperature Sensor DHT11 Cutting the template out of a piece of paper. The camera is the little black circle.  Bottom view with temp sensor.   Bad picture but here is the D1 mini Share this Post

TDA7492 Class D 50×50 AMP

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If you are reading this in the Midwest US then you know how crazy hot it has been lately. It’s supposed to be Fall and it hit 90 degrees today in Toledo! Well there is one thing that goes with good weather and that is hanging outside, and what goes better with hanging outdoors than music? Ok.. The argument could … Read More

MQTT Garage Door Control

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If you are like me then you have left the garage door open overnight more times than you care to remember. Or how about when you come home for the day only to find your garage door has been open the whole time. Always nice to realize not only was all the cool stuff in your garage just sitting out … Read More

Sump Pump Monitor Pt. 2 – Software

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So at this point if things are running correctly then you should start seeing data in Grafana. Now the next step is to actually create some dashboards around the data that is being collected. If you look in the github repo you shoudl see a json file that you can import directly into grafana. Once imported you should see a … Read More

Sump Pump Monitor Pt. 1 – Hardware

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So as a new homeowner one of my biggest concerns with our new house was the fact that the sump pump was constantly running. As far as I’m told this is a normal occurrence in the part of the city I live in due to the water table and the type of soil we have. Now, while I’m still not … Read More