Sump Pump Monitor Pt. 2 – Software

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Sump Pump Monitor Pt.2 - Software

So in the previous post I showed the hardware involved in the sump pump monitor and how I hooked it all up. In this post I will cover the software I used to actually do the monitoring. The first step is to actually get the sensor data from the water sensors to influxdb. Unfortunately one of the lessons I learned doing this is that the board that I used only had 1 analog input. So essentially I could only show time series data for one of the sensors and the other two would be a simple boolean value. For my purposes this was fine so I made the bottom sensor the analog one and the other two were simple true false. Here is my github repo that shows the arduino sketch I used. Notice that I am using UDP to send data since I wanted to keep the transfers as fast as possible. Github Sump Pump Repo So a few things from this that I will point out.

Make sure you change this to your server address.

// Set IP address of influx server byte influx[] = {10, 10, 10, 10}; // Set outgoing UDP port int port = 8888;

So at this point if things are running correctly then you should start seeing data in Grafana. Now the next step is to actually create some dashboards around the data that is being collected. If you look in the github repo you shoudl see a json file that you can import directly into grafana. Once imported you should see a dashboard like this.

If you select a smaller view of data you can see where the actual water table is rising and falling
Grafana is a great way to visualize data, especially IoT data. Anything from temperature to current usage can be visualized very quickly using pre-built dashboards. I highly recommend that you check out the entire TICK stack as well to get an idea of all that you can do with it. TICK Stack Platform
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